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Creator & Author
Prince of Whales Company


A misspelled letter in a word unveiled the secret to my destiny


Dear Princes, Princesses, Mermaids, Mermen, Mateys and Pirates All!

Before you read this book, I want to share with you a true whale-of-a-tale that inspired this book, WHALE MAGIC! Once upon a time, in 1985, to be exact, long before you were born, The Prince and Princess of Wales, Prince Charles and Princess Diana came to the United States for their first visit as a married couple. Everyone was excited, and I was, too. I wanted to welcome them in a special way so I put together some special
gifts, Rickter Duck coloring books and T-shirts, for their two young sons, Prince William and Prince Henry ("Harry"). Rickter Duck is a duck & cover earthquake preparedness program, "OPERATION QUAKE! QUAKE!" that I created for children in 1984. I wrapped them in a package and was ready to address it, then I realized I did not know the proper way to address a package to royalty. Who does, right? So I called the British Embassy in Washington, D.C., where they were staying, and inquired as to the proper way to address the package. The lady on the phone was very specific and told me step-by-step how to do it:

To Their Royal Highnesses
H.R.H. Prince Charles and H.R.H. Princess Diana

The Prince and Princess of Wales
In care of The British Embassy, Washington, D.C.

I thanked the lady, addressed the package and mailed it never expecting they would personally receive it, let alone open it. However, a month later, to my great surprise, I received a Thank You letter from Buckingham Palace! A copy of the letter is on the next page. As I read the letter, I was overjoyed, then I looked at the letterhead and it said: From the Assistant Private Secretary to H.R.H. The Prince of Wales. I studied the word "Wales" for a moment, then I realized I had made a royal faux-pas! I had misspelled their name! I spelled Wales with a "h", as in WHALES, the majestic ocean creatures. Being a former journalist, and knowing the importance of correct spelling, especially a name, and a royal name at that, I was embarrassed at first. Then I began to laugh and thought it was very funny. Only me! After all the trouble I went through to get it right. Oh, whale, too late now.


Then, out of nowhere, I had a vision in my mind’s-eye of a cartoon Prince and Princess of Whales that live in the ocean. The prince was wearing a royal red cape with an ermine collar, and a golden crown on his head. The princess was very beautiful and she was wearing a sparkling necklace, and a diamond tiara on her head. So on that day, my cartoon characters, The Royal Critters starring Prince Buoyant and Princess Eviana, the Prince and Princess of Whales were born...all from a misspelled word. It would take me many years to create and develop them, and many other characters, like the villains, Johnny Networth and his henchmen, the Anchovie Brothers.

I soon fell in love with whales! I did extensive research for the project, consulting with world-renowned whale marine biologists from Maui, and other experts. I went on whale-watching expeditions. What a thrill! Then I moved to Hollywood to learn how to write an animated movie script, and I did, but not just one, several movie scripts, and a TV script for a cartoon series, books and songs. I met with celebrities that loved the project and gave me letters of intent to be a voice for a character once a movie is produced. I am now looking for a first-rate animation studio for the production.

I gave many interviews to newspapers, magazines, and on radio and television, telling my story, how it all happened, and above all, giving a voice to the plight of whales and the ocean kingdoms. Schools invited me to come and share my knowledge about whales. I participated in Earth Day celebrations as far away as Poland, recorded Public Service Announcements. I also had the honor of writing an article for the United Nations Environmental Newsletter. My life became all about whales. I became committed to doing my part to bring awareness to their cause, but also with humor and love. Whales have taken me to places I never could have dreamed, including flying over the Bermuda Triangle, a haven for humpbacks, in an old, rickety charter plane on my way to Bimini to work on the project. By rickety, I mean I literally watched a screw on the wing unscrew itself by the vibration of the plane. Needless to say, it has been a thrilling experience!

No matter how long it took, I never gave up on my dream. So after all these years, I am happy to bring you the second children’s illustrated book in the series, WHALE MAGIC
: A Whale of a Tale. The first book, WHALE MAGIC: A Whale of an Adventure was published in 2017. The illustrations are accompanied by verses from the Whale Magic song I wrote. This second book is the storybook that tells the story of how and why the Royal Whales came to our planet; to make their presence known, to share their magical abilities and show us how fun and playful they are. They are our friends. It's as if the story was in a magic bottle traveling through the oceans all this time and finally washed ashore just for you!


Who could have ever guessed, that after all these years, Prince Charles would be crowned King Charles III, and I would become the Prince of Whales! I hope you come to love and want to protect these majestic creatures, and the oceans, as I have. Always remember, never give up on your dreams no matter how long it takes. Moral of the story: Sometimes it pays to make a mistake! But in truth, it wasn’t a mistake at all. It was the universe leading me to my rightful destiny. It could only have been Whale Magic!


Whale Wishes and Dolphin Dreams,

John J. Kennedy

Creator and Author

John J. Kennedy, Dorothy Chandler Pavilion, Los Angeles 1987

AUTHOR'S BIO: AS A YOUNG BOY, JOHN KENNEDY LOVED TO READ. He grew up reading the Hardy Boy's Mystery Series. Late at night, when he was supposed to be asleep, he could be found under the covers with a flashlight reading the latest edition. John began his passion for writing during college when his very first short story, Chad Jarman is 40 Today! earned him an invitation to Harvard University's prestigious Creative Writing Program.

After college, he was discovered as a model while working at the Ralph Lauren Polo Shop on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. He has appeared in more than fifty modeling campaigns for designers such as Ralph Lauren, Giorgio Armani, Eddie Bauer, and many others.

He later became a journalist for The Journal Record/
Daily Law Journal and freelanced with articles in Beverly Hills People, United Nations Newsletter and Florida Guest Magazine. As an investigative writer, he focused on true crime mysteries.

John was the creator and CEO of the Facade of New York LTD shirt company. A parody on the Ralph Lauren polo logo, Facade's colorful embroidered logo design was of two preppies dressed in a horse masquerade costume. The designer shirts for men and women, with the catchy saying, Put on a Facade! For some of us polo is only a game! was sold in over 100 upscale boutiques and department stores. 

He was also the creator and founder of the Rickter Duck Earthquake Preparedness Program, "OPERATION QUAKE! QUAKE!" started in San Francisco. The program taught children (and adults) what to do before, during and after an earthquake in a fun and non-threating way through Rickter Duck school programs, brochures, coloring books, life-sized costume, songs & dance, safety stickers, T-shirts and PSA's. Rickter Duck was a popular character and made many public and TV appearances; parades, telethons (United States & Mexico) and worked together with organizations such as the NFL, March of Dimes, American Red Cross and FEMA.

John is an international award-winning speaker for his speeches, namely My Dream For The New Humanity, which has been delivered at dozens of venues, including the International Conference on Peace in Jaipur, India in 2005. The same year, he received an international humanitarian award from All India Letter Writers Association (AILWA) in Bombay, India for his letters and speeches promoting peace.

As a featured guest, John has been on many radio and television programs including, Canada AM (Canada's Good Morning America), NBC Evening News, CBS News, Fox News, TF1-France; European Television Network, The WB Network-KSWB TV, San Diego, Ca., NPR-National Public Radio, The Great Shift Radio Show, Honolulu, Hawaii, Calling All Angels on Fox Radio, and many more.
 He has been featured in numerous magazines and newspaper articles including, San Francisco Examiner, Houston Chronicle, Wilmington Morning Star, Dallas Morning News, Sunday Oklahoman, Wrightsville Beach Magazine, Boston Globe, Texas Monthly, South Beach News & Views, KidScreen International Magazine, Canada and Atlanta’s Jezebel Magazine.

Described as a visionary and quantum thinker, John is the author of CREATIVITY & ENTREPRENEURSHIP: The Creative Evolution of an Intellectual Property, an inspiring step-by-step business program he created for young entrepreneurs and start-up companies. He has been an advertising, marketing and new product development consultant for many organizations and companies.

In 2017, he released the first The Royal Critters/Whale Magic illustrated children’s book, Whale Magic: A Whale of an Adventure. Second in the series, WHALE MAGIC: A Whale of a Tale, will be released this year. John says that his greatest labor of love is Whale Magic. It combines his passion for writing with his endless fascination and love of whales and dolphins.

In his free time, John likes to travel, write poetry,
When Midnight Comes To Call (released in 2020), go whale-watching, and teach children and adults about whales and our environment, and encouraging them to be good stewards of the earth.


Duck & Cover


Rickter Duck and San Francisco Mayor Dianne Feinstein (Senator Feinstein).  Rickter Duck Earthquake Prepared Week, San Francisco, Ca.

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