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What could be bigger than a whale?




A royal faux-pas to The Prince and Princess of Wales inspires Whale Magic book

(USA, JUNE 25, 2023) WHALE MAGIC: A Whale of a Tale, is a whopping 80-page illustrated and edutainment book for children ages 5-10. Created and written by International Award-Winning writer John J. Kennedy and beautifully illustrated by Blueberry Illustrations, the book introduces a charming and magical cast of archetypal cartoon characters. Prince Buoyant, The Prince of Whales®, and Princess Eviana, The Princess of Whales®, and their royal pod of whales. They have come to the planet to teach, inspire and transform children and the way they look at the world.

WHAT IS THEIR MAGIC YOU ASK? First, The Royal Family appears in many shapes, sizes, and places ’d never expect. Like showing up as a new constellation of stars in the night sky, puffy whale clouds in springtime, floating whale-shaped leaves in Autumn, or spouting confetti of fireworks on the 4th of July! Their greatest ability, and the most mysterious, is their wireless communication! Yes, whales are the natural resource for wireless communication. They have been doing it for millions of years before humans appeared. Whales communicate through sonar vibration from ocean to ocean, they also use it for Eco-location which is like their GPS. This royal pod spouts and communicates through “Whale Mail!”

Brought to you by The Prince of Whales®, Company, the 80-page book is like 4-books in one! First, it is an illustrated book with a very exciting and entertaining story, A Whale of a Tale! Followed by Whale Bios/Whale Facts, then a Bonus Brainy Whale Quiz, and last but not least, a Whale Journal for children to be creative and write their own stories. Whale Magic® teaches children about Zoology, Environmental Awareness, Geography, History, Astronomy, and Social Studies. It also teaches friendship and the diversity of cultures.

THE STORY BEHIND THE STORY is just as fascinating. The inspiration for Whale Magic® began in 1985 when The Prince and Princess of Wales, Prince Charles (now King Charles II), and Princess Diana (forever the Queen of People’s Hearts) came to the United States, Kennedy wanted to welcome them to a special way by sending them gifts for their two young sons, Prince William and Prince Henry ("Harry"). Knowing they were staying at the British Embassy in Washington, DC., Kennedy addressed the package and sent it, never expecting they would personally receive it. However, to his great surprise, he received a Thank You letter from Buckingham Palace from the Private Secretary to H.R.H. The Prince of Wales. Then he realized he had made a royal faux pas, misspelling their name, Wales, to WHALES, the majestic ocean creatures. “That was the moment Whale Magic was born,” Kennedy says, “all from a misspelled word!”

“Being a former journalist, and knowing the importance of correct spelling, especially a name, and a royal name at that, I was embarrassed at first,” Kennedy says. “Then I began to laugh and thought it was very funny. Suddenly, I had a vision in my mind’s-eye of a cartoon Prince and Princess of Whales® and this is what led me to my passion for whales for the last thirty years. Who could have ever guessed that I would become The Prince of Whales?” Kennedy says, tongue ‘n cheek. “My greatest wish is that children and adults from around the world will come to love and want to protect whales as I have, and become good stewards of the earth.”

AUTHOR JOHN J. KENNEDY began his passion for writing during college when his very first short story, Chad Jarman is 40 Today! earned him an invitation to Harvard University's prestigious Creative Writing Program. After college, he was discovered as a model while working at the Ralph Lauren Polo Shop on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. He has appeared in more than fifty modeling campaigns for designers such as Ralph Lauren, Giorgio Armani, Eddie Bauer, and many others. He later became a journalist for The Journal Record/Daily Law Journal and freelanced with articles in Beverly Hills People, United Nations Newsletter, and Florida Guest Magazine. John is an international award-winning speaker for his speeches, namely My Dream For The New Humanity, which has been delivered at dozens of venues, including the International Conference on Peace in Jaipur, India in 2005. The same year he received an international humanitarian award from the All India Letter Writers Association (AILWA) in Bombay, India for his letters and speeches promoting peace. John says that his greatest labor of love is Whale Magic. It combines his passion for writing with his endless fascination and love of whales and dolphins.

WHALE MAGIC: A Whales of a Tale is now available on Amazon: Kindle, Paperback and Hardcover.




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