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PRINCE BUOYANT IS A HANDSOME ROYAL BLUE SPERM WHALE. Every inch a prince, Prince Buoyant wears flowing royal robes and golden crowns. He is a world traveler and very protective of his pod, especially his beautiful princess, Princess Eviana, and their royal family. He is a wonderful father and mentor to Prince Patches D’Orca and Prince Sky. Prince Buoyant believes it is his duty to protect the ocean kingdoms and all that inhabit it. A modern prince, Prince Buoyant is often seen talking to the coral reefs, which respond to him in expanding rapid growth.

PRINCESS EVIANA IS A BEAUTIFUL BLUSH PINK BELUGA WHALE. She adores her noble and caring prince, Prince Buoyant. They make a great team together. Princess Eviana is a wonderful and attentive mother. To expand their world, she enjoys taking her sons on new adventures to learn about different places and cultures. She is very sweet, compassionate and humble. Princess Eviana spreads love everywhere she goes. She has a lovely singing voice that seems to just floats on the ocean waves like magic.

PRINCE PATCHES D’ORCA IS A YOUNG ORCA WHALE. He is fun and mischievous and often bucks royal protocol. He is often spoutin’ off which often gets him into trouble. He hates to eat seaweed and thinks it’s spinach. Prince Patches is very adventurous and hard to keep in one place. He is very protective of his little brother, Sky, although they could not be more different. He loves to put on a show for kids and other whales, especially the beautiful Princess Royal, Princess Starr. He is famous for riding big waves and his breaching and lob-tailing are legendary. Prince Patches spouts whale mail through his magic blowhole and fireworks on special occasions.

PRINCE SKY IS A BABY, BLUE WHALE. He is one of the smartest creatures on this planet. His brain waves are off the charts. He is like a floating computer. Unlike his older brother, Prince Patches, Prince Sky is shy and reserved and really a “geek”. Instead of riding the waves all day like his brother. He is happy as a clam to be alone with his thoughts. He can spout facts and data endlessly, and because he is a baleen whale Prince Sky has two blowholes. He can spout holograms and a vapor bubble in the shape of a light bulb when he gets a bright idea, and sometimes two at a time!

PRINCESS STARR, THE PRINCESS ROYAL IS AN ORCA WHALE FROM ANOTHER ROYAL POD. The Princess Royal is stunningly beautiful and a star in every way. She shines as bright as, well, you know, like BLING! Princess Starr is the ultimate fishanista, and just in case you haven't gotten her memo, the ocean is her stage and her name is spelled with TWO r's. The flamboyant princess is famous for hogging the red-carpet and creating a splash wherever she goes. The sharkarazzi adore her, and so does Patches. Princess Starr spouts a myriad of colorful stars to illuminate herself at night and a gazillion selfies that always go viral. She thinks Paris is a city in France.

LORD RIPPLETAIL IS A VERY STATELY HUMPBACK WHALE. He is the favorite uncle of the pod and the family historian. He is also the elder chief adviser to Prince Buoyant. Humpback whales are known for their songs and expansive vocalizations, but poor Lord Rippletail can’t carry a tune. Lord Rippletail has a huge heart and can also be playful. One of his greatest pleasures is spouting a magic rainbow water slide to entertain children. Humpback whales are the most acrobatic of whales, they can leap out of the water, belly up arching backwards, and then plunging headfirst into the water. This is called breaching and one of Lord Rippletail's most distinctive behavioral traits.

LADY HILDE is the most beautiful and glamorous mermaid in all the ocean kingdoms. She sparkles like sunlight on the sea, which is part of her magic. She can shape-shift, and chooses when and where to reveal herself, if at all. Lady Hilde is Princess Eviana’s Lady-in-Waiting. She is legendary amongst ocean creatures and a mystery to humans. She is believed to be thousands of years old and holds the secret to the fountain of youth.

THE WHALE WIZARD. Any magician can pull a rabbit out of a hat, but the Whale Wizard is the only one that can manifest, and reduce the world’s largest creatures into a tiny crystal ball, ocean and all.

                                ROMAN, NICKY & HAPPY HOLIDAY

ROMAN & HAPPY HOLIDAY are renowned whale marine biologists and the founders of the Whale Magic Sea Watch Institute for Whale Research. Roman is an American swimmer and a two-time Olympic gold medalist. The Holidays study the life patterns and migration of whales, track and name the whales they are studying, and study characteristics and vocalizations of species, among other research. Their greatest honor is working with, and protecting, the Royal Whales. The whales chose them because they trust them. They are part of their family, too. The Holidays are also famous for their whale watching expeditions. Their son, Nicky, has a special love and connection with whales. He can communicate with them in a number of languages; his human voice, a whale voice and telepathically. Nicky plays an integral role in the institute's research and activities, especially whale watching. Nicky is also a Jr. Ambassador to the United Whale Nation.

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