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"If we do not protect and preserve the ocean kingdoms, and their inhabitants, especially the vital lives of whales and dolphins, all life will perish. Then who will look with awe upon the monuments of man?" ~John J. Kennedy


Here at Prince of Whales Company, with John J. Kennedy at the helm, we have been blessed to work with a pod of very talented individuals and companies that have come together to help bring The Whale Magic Project alive. From artists, illustrators, songwriters, recording artists, producers, animators, book designers, and marketing and branding experts. We have also worked with award-winning and successful scripts writers, consultants, and world-renowned whale marine biologists from Maui, whose life-long mission has been the study and conservation of whales. We have worked with many focus-groups from children, parents, teachers, entertainment experts, celebrities and advised by seasoned entertainment attorneys. You have heard the saying: It takes a village to raise a child, and in that same spirit it has taken a team of these very gifted and passionate individuals to raise Whale Magic!


Prince of Whales Company is committed to inspiring children from around the world to a deeper understanding and appreciation of our oceans, whales & dolphins and the oneness of all life on this planet.

We are achieving this goal by providing positive, entertaining and educational (eco-friendly) programs and services including the following:


  • Children's Book Novel: An Ocean of Love 

  • Children's illustrated books (hardcover & paperback)

  • 2 Animated Feature Film Scripts, Whale Magic I: An Ocean of Love, and the sequel Whale Magic II: The Ultimate Adventury for the 21st Century (already written-ready to be produced)

  • Whale Magic: Whale of a Christmas (script already written-ready to be produced)

  • Whale Magic: United Whale Nation (script already written-ready to be produced)

  • Whale Magic Animated Television Series (pilot script & series outline) 

  • Music

  • Animated videos (beginning with short animated clips from scenes from the Whale Magic book)

  • Websites & Social Media

  • Merchandise Licensing

We are strategically building the Whale Magic brand. Our future goals are to expand the services to include additional entertaining, educational and environmental children's books, songs-music, school curriculum, 3-D animated theatrical films, a children's television series and many ancillary products and services. Whale Magic has universal appeal for all children around the world. Our goal is to becomes a global brand and initiative.

We are here because of a John's vision and long-awaited dream. He saw the world in a new way, a better way, a more beautiful way, many years ago and set out on a mission. It has been a long journey, sometimes with smooth sailing, and at other times navigating through the roughest storms and most treacherous waters to create Whale Magic.

As the project grew, John grew, and soon he realized the deeper
purpose and the vital importance of his calling; to enlighten the children and adults around the world about whales, dolphins and all marine life in a fun, joyful and inspiring way. His broader vision is to teach humanity the importance of protecting and preserving these majestic creatures, the world's oceans and our environment in general. John’s motto has always been, If you love something you naturally want to embrace it, care for it and protect it. This philosophy is at the very heart of Whale Magic.


Prince of Whales Company is seeking strategic partnerships with literary and entertainment agents for children's book publishing, television & film animation studio, and merchandising licensing. For more information please contact us.

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